Hong Kong customers can now enjoy specialty Hot Dogs, Wings, among other items

New York Fries, Canada’s famous quick service restaurant brand, has been serving real, fresh French fries in Hong Kong for four years. Today, we are excited to announce the addition of chicken wings, a spicy sausage and new, fresh salads to our menu of fresh cut fries and fry based meals, as well as two new featured hot dog specials. These new menu items are available only in Hong Kong’s New York Fries outlets, and will certainly be a hit with hungry customers who are looking to add new flavours to their New York Fries meals.

Chicken Wings – A worldwide first for New York Fries!

Making their New York Fries debut, chicken wings are now available exclusively in Hong Kong’s New York Fries outlets. Customers will be treated to a portion of five crispy and tender chicken wings, which they can enjoy on their own or as a meal with our fries, salads and hot dogs.

Triple Cheese Hot Dog or Sausage – Cheese lovers delight

Juicy hot dog topped with three different kinds of cheese (parmesan, cheese sauce, and cheese curds) that slowly melt on the bun for a decadent and delicious twist on traditional hot dogs. A must try for cheese lovers! Substitute the hot dog with our new spicy sausage for a zesty flavour profile perfect for those that like some spice!

Japa Dog or Sausage – Oishī

This trendy meal starts with our signature hot dog, topped with a Japanese teriyaki sauce and fish flakes. Our Japa Dog elevates the taste of hot dogs to another level; a sweet and savoury sensation. Or try the Japa Dog with our new spicy sausage for an extra kick!

New Salads – Fresh from the garden

Green Salad and Caesar Salad provide fresh options to the New York Fries menu. Using the freshest vegetables and creamy dressings, both salads are a great companion to our fresh cut fries, delicious hot dogs and crispy chicken wings.     *

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